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Wedding Directory

An online wedding directory can be a bride’s best friend. This allows you to peruse a wide variety of vendors from the comfort of your own home before selecting the one that seems to best suit your requirements.

Online wedding guides are essentially resources that contain information on various wedding providers within a given area. Some are very extensive and will allow you to choose the location from a drop down menu, which then allows you to tailor the search to service providers in your area. Sites are normally organised according to services such as wedding dress designers and/or seamstresses, bakers and bakeries, photographers, venues, DJs, stationary, transport services and more. This allows for very easy navigation and gives a good overview of what is available in your area.

A wedding directory will also list the relevant details of a given vendor or service provider, including their telephone number, email address (if applicable), physical location, etc. An online directory is a great help if you are working and organising your wedding during stolen hours over lunch and after work, as it allows you to mail your queries, rather than getting involved in lengthy (and costly) telephone conversations.

Here are a few tips when using an online wedding resource such as Wedding Connect:

  • Take your time to go through the site. Most sites will list service providers and vendors alphabetically, but just because a business' name begins with an M instead of an A does not make it any better. Don't miss out on the perfect partnership just because you didn’t feel like scrolling.
  • Make personal contact. Email is a very convenient communication device, but it is highly recommended that you meet with your chosen vendor or service provider personally so that you can get a feel for them and them for you. Written communication sometimes leaves room for misinterpretation due to a lack of tonal impact and meeting face to face will eradicate this problem
  • Read client reviews. The digital age has placed the power back into the hands of the consumer. Online reviews will give you a fair representation of a vendor or service provider's reputation with regard to reliability, customer service etc. Use this to your advantage.

Online wedding resources are also a great source of wedding ideas. Looking at pictures on the wedding directory of your choice- it will lead you to will most definitely get your synapses firing!

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